BENTONITE MEMBRAINE ALSO KNOW AS GCL MEMBRAINE (GEOSYNTHETIC CLAY LINER), is produced by needle-weaving technology and formed by a layer of bentonite sandwiched between 2 layers of geotextile, with high swelling properties, it will creat waterproof capabilities, often used in enviromental applications, it has a waterproof effect of 10-100 time smaller than compacted clay layer 60-90cm thick.



  • The outstanding feature of GCL membrain is easy to construct in difficult construction areas, hilly areas.
  • Preventing enviromental pollution.
  • Very small permeability coefficient.
  • Quality is controlled uniformly.
  • Saving transportation costs compared to traditional clay materials.


  • Reasonable price with international quality.
  • High quality importing source of raw material.


  • GCL is used to line the bottom of sanitary waste burial compartments according to the environmental standard procedure to prevent contamination of the leachate into the surrounding environment.
  • GCL is particularly suitable for slopes because of its high tensile strength and large friction coefficient.
  • GCL is used to line the bottom of ponds, lakes, tanks containing contaminants by high waterproof stability and at the same time prevents seepage out of the enviroment.
  • GCL is also used to cover the landfill in a sanitary way, to solve environmental problems such as preventing rain water, gas, odors and pollution,…
  • GCL lining the bottom of the ore mining, slag dump and mud mining areas so it solves the soft ground problems in these areas.
  • Ponds in amusement park, fish ponds or golf course lake often use GCL to line the bottom because of waterproofing and storing water.
  • GCL are commonly used for waterproofing dykes, dams, irrigation canals, promoting the waterproofing capacity of bentonite and shear resistance of geotextile layers.
  • Waterproofing for underground works, building tunnels.