DML series woven geotextile is produced by APT factory on automatic Korea production line, using 100% of Polyester material. It is used for big and important projects such as the wharves, high way, embankments thanks to high tensile strength and low elongation. It helps to ensure long-term durability and requirements for construction projects.



  • The product range is diverse, meeting all technical requirements.
  • The product exhibits high stability. / Reasonable pricing with international quality.
  • High-quality raw materials sourced from abroad.
  • Technical advisory support provided by factory engineers.


STABILIZE AND REINFORCE WEAK SOIL: Without the reinforcement layer, the raw sand layer will directly affect the ground so that the soft soil will be deformed. Therefore, it is necessary to spread a layer of woven geotextile before spreading stone on weak ground. The woven geotextile spreading over the soft ground surface will stabilize the soil and control soil deformation in two ways: the tension of the DML will break the pressure of the raw soil layer to prevent the soil being dig into the small holes and interplay of textiles and surrounding soil create friction to limit the soil movement and strengthen the soil.

FILTRATION AND WATER DRAINAGE: the woven textile serve as a filter system with physical and hydraulic such as permeability and high flow rates. The pore size allows the water to pass through but can retains the soil particles and is not blocked.

SEPARATE AND STABILIZE OF DRAINAGE: When grooves buried underground drainage is spread a layer of woven textile before filling with fine soil, the tension of woven textile creates a support upward to hold tight pipes were filled with gravel in the middle spaces, and the DML woven textile was also a layer between the fine soil layer used for leveling the fine soil naturally.

ANTI-EROSION: A layer of gravel and stone is often used to prevent erosion of river banks and seacoasts. The woven textile will be applied between the stone and the soil to keep the soil from eroding against the waves.



REINFORCEMENT ROAD FOUNDATION: Applied in increasing stability for high embankment on soft soil, low cutting resistance such as bridge or harbor; + High tensile strength helps to prevent potential subsidence in high area

RESTORE WEAK GROUND: Used as a cost-effective and effective way to restore weak areas or lands such as swaps and mudflats thanks to enhanced features.

LINK THE PILES: Used spread directly over the head of piles for weak ground (factory, tank, …) acting as the link between the piles help to balance the load capacity.

COVER EMPTY HOLES SURFACES: Used to cover surfaces with empty holes, limestones,… to protect others layers such as geomembrance (landsfill, water pond, mine,…)

ANTI EROSION – FILTER AND DRAINAGE: Applied in dams site, canals, river embankment to filter water for decreasing water pressure inside slopes and slow down energies such as: wind, rain or sea waves,…