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Thai Chau is the first company in Vietnam to produce PET Spunbond nonwoven fabric.

PET Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric is manufactured using virgin polyester chips through hot melt spinning, high speed traction and cooling crystallization processes. It is featured by high strength, high temperature resistance (above 180 ℃), aging resistance and stability.


  1. Medical: The spunbond nonwoven is used as surgical fabric, bed sheet, disposable hat, cover.
  2. Packing: spunbond pe fabric is also used as shopping bags, tablecloths, wallpaper, complete packaging materials.
  3. Household: pillowcases, mattress covers, sofas are products made from spunpond pet fabric.
  4. Industry: use non-woven pet suspend fabric to protect plants from insects, cold weather.
  5. Use in Geoengineering