Geo drain is a technical material used for drainage in order to reinforce soil improvement.

Geo drain is including 2 parts: Core+ Filter

  • The core is made from polypropylene /polyester, rectangular cross-section, with many effective drainage ditches.
  • Filter is made of thin polyester (membrane), which prevents dirt and adds the drainage capacity for the the core.

Drain included 2 types: vertical drain and horizontal drain.

Vertical drain


Horizontal drain


  • Reasonable price with international quality.
  • High quality importing source of raw material.
  • Extremely good at abrasion resistance.
  • Easy construction Shortening construction time.


  • Stabilize soil grounds and minimize disturbance of soil layers.
  • High compatibility of core as well as filter with many soil types.
  • The drain can be closed down to a depth of over 40m.
  • Non-corrosive or degenerate by acids, alkalis or soluble subtances in the soil.
  • Save the amount of earthwork Reduce transportation and contruction costs.



SOFT GROUND REINFORCEMENT: PVD is used to treat weak soil reinforcement, in a short time can reach 95% long-term stability, creating a start for natural stabilization process at the stage after. The reinforcement process can be accelerated by loading.

BASE STABILITY: Work can apply drain to handle a variety of weak soil, including highways, the path of the bridges, airport runways, railways, ports,…Built on soft ground that has dynamic loading and geotextile fabric.

ENVIROMENTAL TREATMENT: Drain is used to treat weak soil, pasty soil in areas of garbage burial compartment. It is also used to clean up contaminated areas by vacuum technology, absorb groundwater through the contaminated soil layers, carrying pollutants that dissolve in the water to the surface to handling.