Thai Chau Company is a factory producing HDPE Geomembrane

Besides, Thai Chau is also a supplier of Solmax HDPE membrane in Vietnam.

HDPE Geomembrane is produced by High Density Polyethylene Resins and carbon black content, various of the surface, thickness, dimension, normal thickness from 0.1 – 3,0 mm.

HDPE Geomembranes have a long life above 25 years, safe for health and eco-friendly, high waterproofing effect





  • High tensile strength
  • High waterproof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Eco-friendly


  • Virtually impermeable (has a permeability coefficient about 1 million times smaller than that of well compacted clay).
  • Flexible, with great elongation, easy to install in complex terrain.
    Has good tensile and puncture resistance.
  • Non-aggressive by chemicals and organisms, inert to acids, alkalis, oils and other wastes.
  • Does not affect water quality, does not cause harm to the environment, can be waterproof lining for drinking water reservoirs.
  • Manufactured from virgin HDPE with excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, chemical and microbiological additives with a design life of over 50 years.


  • Used in landfills: Products with a durability of hundreds of years are used to line the bottom and cover sanitary landfills according to environmental standard procedures to solve environmental problems such as: prevent rainwater, collect gas, prevent odor, anti-pollution, etc.
  • Lining the bottom and roof of aquaculture ponds: This is an effective measure to create a controlled and hygienic farming environment, while preventing erosion, saving operating costs, and convenient harvesting.
  • Floating film in biogas pits: HDPE sheets with a density of 0.94 are covered on reservoirs containing wastes from industrial livestock farms, wastewater treatment ponds for tapioca starch, paper and wine factories to prevent odors, generate epidemics, fight air pollution, collect renewable bio-gas to create new energy sources for burning and generating electricity for the plant’s own energy use needs.
  • Lining the bottom of water reservoirs in industrial zones, salt fields: HDPE membranes are used to create a controlled reservoir area in industrial parks, salt fields, helping to create a stable water source or a concentrated water storage area. set up for low-cost processing.
  • Waterproofing of dikes, hydroelectric dams, landscapes, golf courses: HDPE membranes are used to waterproof dikes, hydroelectric dams, canals, technical tunnels, or landscapes, golf courses, promoting waterproofing ability. and excellent mechanical properties of this membrane.
  • Lining the bottom layer for tanks for petroleum, slag, fertilizer, chemical plants: Lining the bottom as a waterproofing layer for slag factories: red mud, thermal coal slag…, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, etc. prevent harmful chemicals from penetrating and contaminating groundwater.
  • Making bottom liners for petroleum tanks:
    This is a superior material for waterproofing gasoline tanks because of the high permeability of HDPE membranes.
  • HDPE film is manufactured from the original HDPE granules, with the addition of anti-aging, chemical and microbiological black carbon additives, with a design life of over 50 years.
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ASK PRICE 0939.595.299 ASK PRICE